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  1. Maya walle series retina

    Recreating Pixar's Wall-e

    19 Posts
    In this in-depth modeling series for Autodesk Maya, you’ll learn how to faithfully recreate one of Pixar’s most lovable characters, Wall-e. This beginner/intermediate level tutorial series is focused on hard-surface modeling and will teach you fundamental techniques that you can apply to any project. By the end of the series, you’ll have a good understanding of the fundamental tools and techniques used in high-poly, hard-surface modeling and the experience to start tackling complex modeling projects on your own.
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  2. Canon commercial series retina

    Commercial Production Series: Canon EFS 55-250mm Lens

    9 Posts
    In this massive nine part series, you'll learn how to create a stunning 36 second video advertisement for the Canon EPS 50-250mm zoom lens. The first three parts delve into the model's creation using 3D Studio Max. You'll then move into Cinema 4D for animation, materials and lighting and finish up with final compositing in After Effects.
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  3. 3dsmax tassimo pt8 retina

    Advanced Poly Modeling: Tassimo T-65 Home Brewing Station

    8 Posts
    In this tutorial series focused on product modeling and rendering, we’ll create the Tassimo T-65 Home Brewing Station from Bosch. Starting in 3D Studio Max, we’ll use a few simple blueprint images to do a block-out of the base, and then begin the process of breaking down and refining the model using more advanced poly modeling techniques to create the final high-res asset.
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  4. Shark pt3 retina

    Realistic Shark in 3D Studio Max

    3 Posts
    In this series, you’ll learn how to create a believable shark in 3D Studio Max. Author Soni Kumari will walk you through the entire process of modeling the shark using 3D Studio Max’s standard poly modeling tool-set. Later parts in the series cover UV Mapping and Texturing, as well as creating a versatile and animation friendly rig for the Shark.
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  5. Maya tattoo retina a

    Constructing a Strikingly Accurate Tattoo Gun in Maya

    9 Posts
    Over the course of this in-depth series, you’ll learn how to precision model hard surface objects, create professional UV’s, and how a combination of hand painting techniques and images can be used to create convincing textures. Once complete, you’ll have a good understanding of the workflow used by professional artists and be able to apply the techniques to future projects.
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  6. C4d snowman v2 retina

    Stylized Snowman and Xpresso Driven Trees in Cinema 4D

    4 Posts
    In this series, you'll create a very cool stylized snowman and some Xpresso-based Christmas trees. First, you’ll go through the modeling process where you'll create the snowman and use some basic sculpting techniques to create his scarf and hat. You'll then take a look at adding materials and lighting, and finish up by building some customizable Xpresso based trees for the background.
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