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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to Visual Effects Compositing in Adobe After Effects. In this course, you’ll learn to create a complex scene using visual FX compositing. We’ll cover creating and lighting the basic scene, building and animating a model, and adding details like raindrops, sparks, and flashes of light.

1.1 Introduction

Hello. This is Christopher Kemworthy, and welcome to the Visual Effects Compositing course, where we'll be creating this shot. [SOUND] And incredibly, we start with just this ordinary footage of a corridor in a house, and then we convert it to this. [SOUND] The first step is to get a really good track. I'll show you the best way to do that and how to begin placing solids into the scene. From there you'll start using a combination of Cinema 4D and After Effects combined to add layers, walls, and structure around this scene. I'll then show you how to add a sign to the wall and texture that with an image. Then, we'll start working on lighting and adding other textures into foreground areas and masking these off. We'll replace the ceiling so that it looks more realistic, and use a variety of techniques to get all these sections to blend together. Then, we move on to creating the metal bars that form the grill of the grid in the ceiling. And once you've modeled those, we'll then animate that, so that it falls out of the ceiling. To give this a feeling of depth, we'll create some rain that comes through the grate using the particle system. And then we'll start adding smokey light and layers of mist to really give this a feeling of depth as the camera moves through. We'll go on to make the various spark layers and mix and combine those so that they blend seamlessly. And then we'll add flashes of light to cover the moment where the two different animations are joined. We'll add some extra sparks which helps sell this idea of something being blown out of the ceiling. And then in the final stages, we'll refine the lighting and texturing so this looks like a more realistic shot. And, within a couple of hours, you should end up with something that looks like this. [SOUND]

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