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5.1 Conclusion

With the skills you’ve learned here, you can add elements to shots or create 3D sets from scratch, combining sparks, smoke, light and basic 3D models to create a full FX shot.

5.1 Conclusion

Hello, this is Christopher Kemworthy, and this is the conclusion of the Visual Effects Compositing course. Thanks so much for working your way through this. I'm sure you realize that by doing a project as complex and involved as this, you're learning so many skills. You won't always be required to use all of them, but by having them in your arsenal, you're gonna be able to create amazing shots. If you're ever asked to create a shot from scratch, you can go out with an ordinary camera, capture some footage, and you can convert it into a shot like this. Or if you're creating something completely CG, you can use footage to give it that handheld motion. This is quite an extreme shot. There's a lot going on, even though it's only four and a half seconds long. But it can still be completed in two hours. This is the sort of skill set that means you can go out there and get professional work. So I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you get a lot out of it, and I hope you keep using these skills in your own projects. [SOUND]

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