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Tight Typography Tips #7 - "Get Ready... Preset... Go!"

This post is part of a series called Ten Tight Tips To Turning Out Terrific Typography.
Tight Typography Tips #6 - "Stay Consistent"
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There is this idea that if you’re a true artist, you have to create everything from scratch... I think this is an over compensation for not wanting to be one of those guys who has Video Copilot projects filling up their demo reels... Truth is, it’s totally fine to use stock footage, tutorial concepts, and animation presets.... just make sure those things are swimming in a pool of your own original content and you’ll be fine.

When it comes to typography, there are a ton of preset text animations you can apply that come with AE. Though these PRE-done PRE-sets are all useful... I find it really enjoyable to create my own text movement presets... these are often just modifications to the included text presets.


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