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Tight Typography Tips #6 - "Stay Consistent"

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This post is part of a series called Ten Tight Tips To Turning Out Terrific Typography.
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Personally, this is probably the most difficult tip for me to follow. I always start the project and begin formulating a style and theme, then as creativity takes over and I continue to experiment with what else I could include or “Oh, what would that look like...”, I find myself going down a creative rabbit trail. Next thing you know the project is done, but it looks like four different artists played “Tag, You’re up now!” with my comp. By this I mean that my last five seconds look nothing like my first five seconds.

Now, there isn’t a consistency police force who will take you away for this offense, in fact... the vast majority of viewers won’t even clue in to this. But this is something to watch for in order to grown as an artist and to raise the bar on what you’re putting out. Once you get started on a project, stop periodically and go back to the beginning. Look at the pacing, colors, layout, elements... try to keep at least one of those factors consistent throughout the entirety of the piece all the way till the very end. When you are intentional about maintaining a similar ending to the beginning, you’ll be surprised how much more impact the project will have in the viewers’ memory. Again, they might know it, but they’ll know it...


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