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Tight Typography Tips #5 - "I Like The Way You Move"

This post is part of a series called Ten Tight Tips To Turning Out Terrific Typography.
Tight Typography Tips #4 - "Choose Your Next Move Wisely"
Tight Typography Tips #6 - "Stay Consistent"

One of the biggest elements that will bump your animation from amateur to amazing is the movement. This is the ultimate yet simplest test of your abilities in the field of animation... how well you animate. We always know when we see a polished, professional piece. The goal is for your animations to feel natural and not be overly noticeable or distracting. I often refer to our Premium Tutorial about the “12 Basic Principles of Animation” as it has been quiet influential in my growth as an artist. I actually went out and bought the book this originated from just so I’d have my own copy.


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