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Tight Typography Tips #2 - "Size Over Scale"

This post is part of a series called Ten Tight Tips To Turning Out Terrific Typography.
Tight Typography Tips #1 - "Background Check"
Tight Typography Tips #3 - "Give Me Some Space & Stay In Line"

When you go to fit multiple words in place like a big puzzle, there is the immediate temptation to reach for that “S” key to adjust how big the word is compared to it’s neighbors. After Effects is smart and even if you scale up 700%, it’s still going to maintain smooth edges since it’s generated text and therefore still in it’s vector state... however, I still would encourage you to practice altering the size of the font rather then scale... By comparison your end result will be essentially identical, but depending on your plans for the text later, it’ll save you a headache if you start to animate with your scale at starting at 100% rather than 700%.

This also comes to play if you decide to save and apply an Animation Preset which we’ll talk about later... but basically if you’ve fit your text into the comp puzzle using scale, applying an Animation Preset that uses animates the scale will mess everything up real quick! Just remember.... Size over Scale.


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