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Quick Tip: Using VRay in Cinema 4D

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In this Quick Tip you will learn how to illuminate a simple scene using the Cinema 4D VRay plugin. Both the infinite light , and also how to set up VRay tags and settings, will be discussed in this short introduction to using VRay in Cinema 4D.

Final Effect Preview

Step 1

Create a Cube object (Objects > Primitive > Cube) with the dimensions "1300 x 450 x 500".

Step 2

Make it editable (Functions > Make editable).

Step 3

Select the top and two sides polygons with the "Polygon tool" (Tools > Polygon).

Step 4

Delete them. You should have something similar to the image below.

Step 5

Create a Sphere object (Objects > Primitive > Sphere) with 40 segments and 100 cm radius. Make it editable (Functions > Make editable).

Step 6

Create an Infinite Light (Objects > Scene > Infinite Light).

Step 7

Place it far away from the sphere object, but make sure it is pointing towards the sphere.

Step 8

To add "Vraylight" tag to the Infinite light, select the Infinite light , right click and go to "VrayBridge Tags > VrayLight".

Step 9

Under the "Vraylight" tag settings , choose the "Sun light" tab, and turn on the "Physical Sun" and "Physical Sky" sections.

Step 10

Under the "Common" tab, turn on the "Enable shadows" section.

Step 11

Enter the "Render Settings" (Cmd + B).

Step 12

Choose the Vraybridge section from the right panel to enable it.

Step 13

Click the VrayBridge which has just appeared in the left panel.

Step 14

Choose the "Indirect Illumination" (GI) tab, and select "GI on".

Step 15

In the same screen you can find the "Presets" section. Here you can set the quality.

Step 16

Choose "Very Low Quality" for a fast render.

Step 17

Add a camera object (Objects > Scene > Camera).

Step 18

In the Perspective view, go to "cameras > scene camera > camera" and select it to make it the default scene camera.

Step 19

To add a "VrayPhysical" camera tag to a camera object, select the camera object , right click and go to "VrayBridge Tags > VrayPhysical camera".

Step 20

Change the "F-Stop" value to 1, and the "Shutter Speed" to 6000.

Step 21

Select the "Vraylight" tag which is assigned to the Infinite light, and under the "Sun light" tab, set the "Turbidity" value to 5 and the "Intensity" multiplier for "Phys cam" to 0.3.

Step 22

Turn the GI quality up to a higher preset, hit render, and you're done!

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