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Quick Tip - How To Automate Simple Track Marker Removal

This post is part of a series called The Complete Introduction to Motion Trackers.
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In this tutorial I will be showing you a quick and easy way to remove tracking markers. Often tracking markers are needed to achieve accurate matchmoves, however we commonly find ourselves with the laborious task of having to remove these trackers.

In this demonstration I'll show you how to use an expression which will allow you to convert a 3D co-ordinate into a 2D co-ordinate. By doing this, After Effects can then use that data to transform the position of a patch over a known 3D point in space.

We will then use a simple "Blur and Blend" method to disguise the track markers in a shot. The end result allows you to have an accurate matchmove whilst not compromising the aesthetics of your shot... not to mention saving you a LOT of time!

Quick Tip

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