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  1. 3D & Motion Graphics
  2. Workflow

Photoshop 3D Into After Effects Workflow - Day 2


One of the coolest features of late that Adobe has included is the ability to open 3D models within Photoshop and After Effects. In this tutorial Brian will use the example of a mock coffee shop promo to show some of the basics techniques you can use. I hope the coffee is fresh though, otherwise that's grounds to not watch the tut... grounds... coffee... yeah.


  • Coffee Cup Model You can download the model here.


  • Core Training Value: Add text to the composition that transitions with the camera movement. Create realistic steam with CC Particle World, a liquid coffee pour simulation with CC Glue Stick/Roughen Edges/Fractal Noise and give your coffee cup 3D model an accurate drop shadow.
  • Difficulty: Intermediate


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