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Mythical Character Creation in Modo: Part 1

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In our first series for Modo with a focus on character creation, 3D artist Thomasz Lechociński will take you through the entire process of creating a detailed stylized character as you learn to model, UV Map, texture, pose and render Hern, the mythical forest god from Celtic legend.

Utilizing a powerful combination of Modo and Mari, Thomas will show you how these two cutting edge programs can be used together to achieve amazing results. In upcoming lessons you'll explore Modo's intuitive subdivision sculpting system to add detail to your character, and learn how Mari's extremely powerful 3D texture painting capabilities and unique UV system can be utilized to create convincing, high resolution textures for the character.

Additional Files:

Scene Setup & Blocking

Finalizing the Form & Creating the Antlers

Finalizing the Antlers & Adding the Ears

Speed Art Bonus: Part 1 in Timelapse

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