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Modeling, Texturing & Rendering for Production: Part 1, Concept Design

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In production, speed is everything. Artists need to adapt tools and techniques that allow for a workflow that's not only fast and efficient, but one that yields excellent results at the same time. In our latest Tut+ Premium series Modeling, Texturing & Rendering for Production you'll follow profession CG artist Mile Eror as he shares his personal workflow and discusses the tools, techniques and general approach he takes when working on a project. In this case, you'll be learning how to create a Sci-Fi inspired airship that combines elements of futuristic and historic design.

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You'll begin the series with concept design and learn how to breakdown a concept painting into 2D elements using Photoshop. This lesson covers the benefits 2D painting can have in the early stages of production by allowing you to quickly flesh out your ideas in silhouette form, before moving into 3D. This is an invaluable step in the design process and allows you to quickly make changes to the form and overall proportions of your design in a simple, non-destructive environment. You'll then continue the concepting stage by moving into 3D Studio Max where you'll begin blocking out the ship in 3D.

In later lessons you'll learn how to analyze reference to create the ship's smaller detailed components and parts, and learn how you can save time by building up a detailed 'Mesh Library'. Mile will also cover texturing using Mudbox's powerful 3D painting tools, location scouting for background plates, how to shoot your own HDRI's using a chrome ball. And finally, how to light the scene, render out passes and composite the final image.

This is one of the most comprehensive projects we've ever published, so whether you're an up and coming artist looking to break into the industry, or a seasoned freelance or production artist, this series in a must watch!

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