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Model, UV, and Texture a Mac-10 Sub-Machine Gun, Day 3

Final product image
What You'll Be Creating

In the third and final part of this monstrous, 10 hour tutorial series, freelance CG artist, Ben Tate, will demonstrate how to create realistic high resolution textures for his high-end Mac-10 submachine gun model. This series is a must see for any artist that wants to level up their skills in high quality CG weapon creation, or just become better at texturing in general!

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Follow freelance CG artist, Ben Tate, as he demonstrates how to use a perfect combination of professional hand painting techniques, and careful photo source selection, to create highly detailed and very realistic texture maps for his Mac-10 gun model! With a strong emphasis on universally transferable professional texturing approaches and techniques, Ben will show you how to paint the diffuse, bump, and specular textures in the most efficient way possible.

Screencast Preview


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