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Model a Modern Spiral Staircase in 3ds Max

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In this tutorial Ben Tate will demonstrate his approach to modeling a modern style spiral staircase in 3d Studio Max. The main focus will be spline modeling, although Ben will reiterate some of the more common poly modeling techniques too.

We will begin the tutorial by creating one of the steps and a simple railing post, and then look at cloning and positioning these objects into the necessary spiral pattern. Once that has been achieved, we will discuss how we can create and align the stair railing. Then, with the staircase complete, we will move on to create a hole in the upper floor for our staircase to pass through, and finish off the top landing by adding a circular railing. Finally, we will make any required adjustments to our splines, and finish the project off by organizing our scene.

Additional Files/ Plugins:
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