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Model a High-Poly RPG Rocket Launcher in 3ds Max: Part 1

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Read Time: 2 mins
This post is part of a series called Model a High-Poly RPG in 3ds Max.
Model a High-Poly RPG Rocket Launcher in 3ds Max: Part 2

Because of the time constraints inherit to realtime video tutorials, it is usually almost impossible to find tutorials that deal with modeling large or very complex objects, as they would just take too much time to complete. Well not any more. In this mammoth, 3 day, nearly 10 hour long video tutorial series, Chris Tate will give us an in-depth look at modeling a faithfully constructed, photorealistically precise high-poly RPG launcher and rocket using 3d Studio Max.

Republished Tutorial

Every few weeks, we revisit some of our reader's favorite posts from throughout the history of the site. This tutorial was first published in December of 2009.

Throughout the creation of the model, we will utilize a wide range of modeling tools and techniques, including many of 3ds Max's edit poly and spline modeling tools. We will also work with subdivision quite heavily , while going over the workflow for many different objects and discussing the use of support edges, and when and where it's necessary to use them. Lastly, we will talk about the final mesh clean up, fixing problem areas, and the use of proper topology when cutting holes into subdivided surfaces while maintaining a quad based mesh.

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