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Matchmove A Bloody Severed Leg

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This post is part of a series called Keying and Rotoscoping.
2D To 3D Stereo Conversion With Mocha Pro & FreeForm Pro
Rotoscoping Depth Mattes With CameraTracker

In today's tutorial we'll matchmove the footage and use basic 3D geometry to create a severed leg, which can then be used as a matte to remove the original leg. The camera data can also be used to create a floor plane with some ground texture to clean up the original leg shadow. This plane will also be used to add ambient occlusion and fake blood. Be it a war zone or a zombie apocalypse, you never know when you might need to take off a leg. :)

Full Screencast - Part 1

Full Screencast - Part 2

Full Screencast - Part 3

Full Screencast - Part 4

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