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Making Your Color Scheme a Whole Lot Kuler!

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This tutorial was originally posted in October 2009 and we thought we'd jump back into the archives here for "Color Grading Week" to take a look at this handy script from Mathias Möhl.

Adobe Kuler is a great resource for color themes that is perfectly integrated in all Adobe CS4 software - except for After Effects. But this has changed now. In this tutorial, Mathias Möhl shows how you can use his brand-new script "Chameleon - The Adobe Kuler Color Theme Browser" to work with Kuler color themes in After Effects. Apply a new color theme with just one click and all colors of your composition update automatically.

... just so you know, the new version (2.0) of Chameleon has some features not shown in the tutorial:

  • ability to link to themes of other comps (i.g. precomps can use the color theme of their parent comps instead of having their own)
  • support of large color themes
  • ability to load set of default color themes on start-up
  • reset for brightness slider


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