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Jack On: Creating a Futurama Inspired Bender Portrait - Part 1

This post is part of a series called Jack On: Creating a Futurama Inspired Bender Portrait.
Jack On: Creating a Futurama Inspired Bender Portrait - Part 2

Today we're launching a brand new two part tutorial for all you Furturama fans where you learn how to create an awesome portrait of Bender "Jacking On". As the goal of this tutorial is portrait creation rather then modeling, you'll learn how an existing model can be further modified and re-purposed to create an entirely new piece of art.

This will include exporting geometry to ZBrush for further detailing using alphas, retopoing the modified meshes back in Maya using NEX's powerful retopologizing toolset, building additional detail through polymodeling and spline techniques, UVMapping, creating textures in Photoshop and finally setting up the final portrait scene for rendering using V-Ray for Maya.

Additional Files/ Plugins:

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