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Introduction to Smoke Simulation in Blender 2.5 - Part 2

This post is part of a series called Introduction to Smoke Simulation in Blender 2.5.
Introduction to Smoke Simulation in Blender 2.5 - Part 1
Introduction to Smoke/Fire Simulation in Blender 2.5 - Part 3

In the second part of our invaluable, in-depth series looking at smoke and fire simulation techniques within Blender 2.5, Gottfried Hofmann shows us how to create fire! The incredible (and let's not forget, completely free) result could be used as a flamethrower, dragon breath, a rocket trail...the possibilities are endless!

Techniques covered in this second video include :

  • How to correctly set up the particle system.
  • Using a second voxel data texture along with the dissolve setting to fake fire.
  • Learn how to adapt the particles to the domain divisions.
  • How to avoid a few more common pitfalls!

So let's get going!

Additional Files/ Plugins:

Note: click the 'Monitor' icon to view tutorial in full-screen HD.

The Screencast Key Status Tool used in this tutorial is available here.

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