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Illuminate A Lovely Logo Light Reveal

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Hey guys! In this tutorial we're gonna show you how you can create a cool logo or text reveal with Trapcode Particular. This effect has endless possibilities, so I hope you enjoy the enjoy!


Step 1

I create a composition by clicking Menu-> Composition->New Composition. Make it 1280*720 square pixels 20 seconds long, name it as ‘Batman Logo Animation’.

Step 2

Create a new solid clicking by Menu->Layer->New->Solid. Change the color to Black. Make it comp size (1280*720) and name it as 'BG'.

Step 3

You have to download the batman logo from this site [Download] I used the third logo.

Step 4

Now import the batman logo picture into After effects.Select the logo layer and hit the "s" key on the keyboard to scale it down.when you done go to Effect->Channel->Invert.

Step 5

With the batman logo layer selected go to Layer->Auto trace.Change the channel propertie to Luminance and turn on the preview checkbox to see the final result.Kepp that it you don't need too many anchor points so just leave the Threshold, Tolerance, Minimum Area and Corner Roundness on default.

Step 6

So we have a new layer as you can see.You can delete the original layer because we don't need it anymore.Hit the "m" key twice on the keyborad to reveal the mask properties.Select the Mask Path and hit ctrl+c or go to Edit->Copy.

Step 7

Create a new light. Name it as "Emitter" thistime the name is very important so if you want a different name then you will have to change a propertie in trapcode particular.The color is not important so leave the default color.

Step 8

Create a new solid clicking by Menu->Layer->New->Solid. Change the color to Black. Make it comp size (1280*720) and name it as 'Particular'.When you done then go to Effect->Trapcode->Particular.

Step 9

In the Emitter section set the following properties.You have to use the lights option as an Emitter Type.

Step 10

Before I forget. We have to reveal the Emmiter light position values so just select the Emitter layer and hit the "p" key on the keyboard.You have to select the position propertie and press ctrl+v or go to Edit->Paste.Now our particular emitter will follow the batman logo's outline.If the animation is too quick or the keyframes are too close to each other then you have to select the keyframes, hold down the "alt" key on the keyboard and move them to right.Now select again the particular layer because we have to set more properties.

Step 11

Under the Particle section use the following properties.You can use the color over life propertie or the Set color propertie because we don't use a gradient this time and use this color code #4696F8.

Step 12

Go to Effect->Stylize->Glow and set the following glow properties.

Step 13

Let's duplicate the particular layer and change the particular settings.First let's change the Emitter section.Set the velocity to 70 and decrease the Particles/sec to 455.

Step 14

Under the Particle section change the Practicle Type to Glow Sphere and the size to 0,3 and we use the same color, but if you want then you can change it and let's add a little size random, opacity random and size over life changes.

Step 15

Let's duplicate the Particular layer again and let's start to change the folowwing properties.

Step 16

Let's change the Particle Type to Streaklet and the size.In this particular part you can use your own properties or you can change particle types.

Step 17

Let's change the Air properties.When you done you can duplicate this layer one more time and you can change the particle size under the particle section or you can create more copies.

Step 18

Now it"s time to create the flares. If you don't have Optical Flares then you can use the pre-rendered flare animations and you can easily colorize the flares, but first let's create the flares. Create a new solid clicking by Menu->Layer->New->Solid. Change the color to Black. Make it comp size (1280*720) and name it as 'Optical Flares'.

Step 19

Go to Effect->Video Copilot->Optical Flares and first click on the clear all button and after that you will have to add 3 lens object.

Step 20

I used a Glow, Streak, Glint and set the color to #4174F6. You can create your own flare if you want so the most important thing is the color.

Step 21

Let's set the Positioning Mode to Track Lights and add a little Flicker.

Step 22

If you dont have Optical Flares then you have to import the Pre-rendered flare from the flare folder and you have to parent the flare position to the light's position(alt+click on the position stopwatch).

Step 23

We want a blue flare so we have to colorize this pre-rendered flare. Go to Effect->Color Correction->CC Toner and apply it and set the Midtones to #4174F6. If you want to change more then add the curves+ the levels effect but this is not necessary.

Step 24

Create a new camera clicking by Menu->Layer->New->Camera.

Step 25

With the camera tools I create a simple camera movement.

Step 26

You can create simple or very complex animations this part is very optional.

Step 27

If you want to create the type reveal then you have to type in a text with a wihte color and you have to use Auto Trace as we did it with the batman logo, but if you use texts then you will need more lights because you will have more mask paths.Let's see an example.As you can see we have a lot of masks if we trace a text for example as I did in the Aetuts logo text reveal.In this case you will have to copy all mask's mask path and paste them in a Light Emitter.If you don't do it then your text wont be complete.This happening if you use more complex shapes (Flourishes maybe).

Step 28

The Font is also very important. While I tried this effects I discoverd if I use a very irregular font with very extreme curves then the effect was not too nice.So I tried to use simple fonts Arial works fine.

Step 29

Now let's go back to our Batman animation.We need a cool background animation because this black background is a little bit flat and simple.Create a new solid clicking by Menu->Layer->New->Solid. Change the color to #2C7EDB. Make it comp size (1280*720) and name it as 'Particles'.

Step 30

Go to Effect->Simulation->CC Particle World and set the following properties.

Step 31

Go to Effect->Stylize->Glow and set the following glow properties.

Step 32

Go to Effect->Blur and Sharpen->Lens Blur and set the following properties. Keep that it mind while you are working with the animation turn off the Lens Blur effect because this is very render heavy.

Step 33

Allright! Blue is a nice color but what if we want to use multiple colors? No problem let's create a new adjustment layer by clicking Menu->Layer->New->Adjustment Layer. When you done then go to Effect->Generate->4-Color Gradient.I used this extra thing only in the Aetuts+ text animation and I used the following colors(#FF00C6 and #0715EA).


So this is it! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and learned new things and methods.Try different ideas or customize the project file and improve your clients or your buyers. My name is Tibor Miklos and thanks a lot for your attentions.


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