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How to Create an 'Angry Birds Go' Scene in Cinema 4D, Part 1

Final product imageFinal product imageFinal product image
What You'll Be Creating


In this, the first tutorial in the series, I'll show you how to model the Angry Birds character, Red.

I'll show you how to model, lit, texture and render a full scene, inspired by the popular game Angry Birds Go, in Cinema 4D. 

Over the course of the tutorials, in this series, I'll explain the entire process of creating five different characters, four different cars, and the environment for the final scene. All of which is done from scratch.

Download the Blueprints

In order to follow this course, be sure to download the blueprints.zip archive, uncompress it and extract the character outlines.

1. Introduction

2. Setting Up the Blueprints and Modelling the Base Mesh

3. Modelling the Eyes, Eyebrows and Tail

4. Modelling the Beak

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