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Hollywood Logo Animation - Dreamworks Animation SKG, Part 1

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Read Time: 1 min

Today we're very happy to bring you the second tutorial in our "Film Studio Logo Animation Series" here on cgtuts+ from author Antonio Cerri. In the second project we'll be looking at Dreamworks Animation SKG's title sequence, one of the most eye catching and truly unique title animations of any Hollywood studio.

In part one, we'll analyze the historical aspects of Dreamworks Animation SKG, and learn how to obtain the elements necessary to create the logo animation, including the space background and the animation for the camera and logo letters. This style of animation, is a reference for many 3D artists. So let's get stated!

"The Film Studio Logo Animation Series" covers the creation of popular logo animations from the biggest studios in Hollywood, including Dreamworks Animation, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers Entertainment and Paramount pictures, to name just a few.

These tutorials will teach you exactly what goes into creating professional high quality logo animations and intros and will be authored by professional artist Antonio Cerri, the main man behind the popular "Hollywood Movie Title Series" that runs over on our sister site "Aetuts+"

Dreamworks Animation SKG (Original)

Note: click the 'Monitor' icon to view tutorial in full-screen HD.

Other Entries In The Hollywood Film Studio Logo Animation Series:

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