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DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals - Introduction

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This post is part of a series called Introduction to DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals.
DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals - Project Preparation

This is an intro to the world's leading color grading software DaVinci Resolve. We'll look at the basic interface and how to start up a project. We're going to be working with the Lite version of the software because it's free to download.

For these tutorials I will be using DSLR footage from my last music video since I figure most of you guys will be shooting with DSLRs. I would like to show you how DaVinci provides more color grading options than AE. If you like to use ALEXA footage, there is some you can play with here. Just download it and see what it's like to color grade high end footage.

Tip: The best mouse in my opinion is the Logitech Trackman-Marble Trackball... this mouse makes the usage of the color wheels much easier and let's you get used to the feeling of a control panel's wheels.


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