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Creating The iPhone 4S In 3D Studio Max - Part 2

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This post is part of a series called Create the iPhone 4S in 3D Studio Max.
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In this multi-part project, we'll be creating the iPhone 4S in 3d Studio Max using tried and true poly modeling techniques. You'll learn how to setup and model from six view blueprints, create precision cuts and holes, terminate edge loops and how to add proper supporting geometry to retain surface shape when adding subdivision.

We'll be aiming to cram as much detail as possible into the model, while creating the cleanest mesh we can. The overall goal of the project will be to create a model capable of standing up to even the closest renders.

Additional Files/ Plugins:

iPhone 4S Part 2-1

Note: Click the 'Box' icon to view the tutorial in full-screen HD.

iPhone 4S Part 2-2

iPhone 4S Part 2-3

iPhone 4S Part 2-4

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