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Creating an Advanced Multi-Character Rig for Futurama's Bender in Maya - Part 3

This post is part of a series called Create an Advanced Multi-Character Rig.
Creating an Advanced Multi-Character Rig for Futurama's Bender in Maya - Part 2

In the third and final part of Shaun Keenan's massive multi-character rigging series for Maya, you'll continue adding additional features and functionality to Bender's rig. Lessons include setting up color switching, adding additional assets to the rig and Bender's body, and last but not least, creating the final switch controller. Shaun will also give you a full demonstration of his ghost rig setup to finish the series off.

Project Overview:
In this tutorial series from Shaun Keenan of MZP Studios, you'll learn how to create an advanced multi-character rig for Futurama's Bender. Shaun will show you how to create a truly versatile and production friendly rig in Maya capable of a staggering set of options and a huge amount of control. Built inside this rig are various options for not only Bender's wide range of movements, but options to change between various levels of mesh detail and materials on the fly, providing a wide assortment of helpful and innovative tools for animators to do their job right!

Additional Files/ Plugins:
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