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Creating a Super Girl Character: Part 7

Final product image
What You'll Be Creating

1. Unwrap UV for Zipper Model

Step 1

Continue on from the last tutorial, as the zip models generated in snapshotGroup are still having connection with the original zip mesh.

In the last tutorial I mentioned not to delete the history, so unwrap UV for this mesh first.

Select the original zip model.

Step 2

Open UV editor from Windows > Modeling Editors > UV Editor.

Step 3

Click on Planar from UV Toolkit.

Step 4

Select the edges that you want to cut, then click on Cut from UV Toolkit.

Step 5

Select all faces of the mesh, click Unfold. To make them into same UV size, select all faces of the mesh and then click on Get followed by Set. Your zip mesh size should same right now.

Step 6

All the meshes from snapshotGroup should have the same UV like Step 5 image. Select all zipper mesh from the snapshotGroup > Shift-Alt-D to delete history > Combine all of the zipper model together > delete history again. 

Now, you can delete the original zip mesh and curve.

2. Modelling the Accessories

Step 1

Duplicate suit's model and delete the faces and leave the collar position’s faces only.

Step 2

Delete the zipper part’s edges. Move the middle edge forwards.

Step 3

By using Multi Cut Tool, draw wireframe from the middle, then delete the selected face like the image below.

Step 4

Adjust the shape, then select all faces and extrude.

Step 5

Insert edge loops as bevels.

Step 6

Select suits model > make live > Quad Draw Tool > Create a new mesh as shown in the following image.

Step 7

Exit Quad Draw Tool and deactivate Make live. Extrude the mesh and increase thickness.

Step 8

Extrude again the selected face > decrease the number of Offset > Extrude again > decrease thickness.

Step 9

Insert edge loops to create bevel.

Step 10

Create a cylinder, place it to the elbow position, decrease the number of Subdivision Axis to 12.

Step 11

Select the faces on the top of cylinder, repeat Step 8 to create the shape in the following image.

Step 12

Scale the bottom edge bigger than insert edge loops to create bevel.

Step 13

Create a cube and scale the size smaller and insert edge loops to create bevel. Place it to the side of the cylinder, then duplicate another cube to the opposite side of cylinder.

Step 14

Combine these three meshes together, duplicate and place to knee position. And duplicate these meshes to the opposite side.

Step 15

For belt, duplicate the suits model, delete the unwanted faces.

Step 16

Extrude the faces and increase thickness.

Step 17

Insert edge loops to create bevel.

Step 18

Create a cube, Insert an edge loop in the middle.

Step 19

Turn on Symmetry World X, insert more edge loops and adjust the shape like the image below.

Step 20

Continue adjust to a heart shape.

Step 21

Select the front faces, extrude and offset the faces.

Step 22

Extrude again and decrease Thickness > Extrude and increase Offset and Thickness.

Step 23

Insert edge loops to create bevel.

Step 24

That completes the modelling part.

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