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Creating a Super Girl Character: Part 4

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What You'll Be Creating

1. Creating Layers

Step 1

Start Maya and open the file which was saved in the last part of the tutorial. Start with re-topology. Select the head mesh, click on the magnet to make live.

Step 2

Go to Modeling Toolkit > Quad Draw.

Step 3

Go to Symmetry > World X to mirror the following actions.

Step 4

Click on the head mesh to create dot. (4 dots = 1 face)

Step 5

Have a look on this topology reference, you should have edge loops for eyes, lips. Try to follow the topology below which is more suitable for animation modelling. 

This is a great asset provided by Luis Antonio

Step 6

Hold Shift button and point at the middle of the dots, it will appear a face, then click on it to create the face.

Step 7

Now you'll have a new mesh in the Outliner.

Step 8

Continue to create dots and faces.

Step 9

For the eyes, we need to do an edge loop. Try to remain the same amount of faces for upper and lower eyelid.

Step 10

To make the double eyelid, create dots like this.

Step 11

Create the faces, then hold Ctrl button to add edge loop.

Step 12

Create faces like the image below.

Step 13

Connect the eyes to bridge of the nose. Hold Shift to relax the faces. Please note that the red dot in the image below, there are five edges connected to a vertex.

Step 14

Continue for the nose, leave a hole for nostril.

Step 15

Create an edge loop from nose to chin.

Step 16

Topology for philtrum like the image below can give a more obvious philtrum structure.

Step 17

Create edge loop around lips. Same as eyelid, try to remain the same amount of faces for upper and lower lips.

Step 18

Connect the mouth’s faces together.

Step 19

Do not close the lips, leave a hole, we will need to model the oral later.

Step 20

On the middle of forehead, create a topology like the image below, this can help you to reduce poly count.

Step 21

Create the topology for the contour like the following image.

Step 22

Leave a hole for the ear.

Step 23

Finish the entire head.

Step 24

Fill the hole for the nostril.

Step 25

Press W for Move tool, hold right mouse button on model and drag to Object Mode to exit the Quad draw tool. Repeat Step 1 to turn off Make Live.

Step 26

Press Ctrl-1 to isolate the selected object, hold right mouse button on model and drag to face, select the nostril’s faces.

Step 27

Hold Shift button and right mouse button, drag to Extrude Face.

Step 28

Press R for Scale tool, scale the extruded faces smaller and move upward into the nostril.

Step 29

Back to Object mode. Hold Shift and right mouse button and drag to Insert Edge Loop Tool.

Step 30

Click and drag on the edges to insert an edge loop.

Step 31

Press Ctrl-1 to un-isolate the object. Select the eye model, press Ctrl-H to hide it. Repeat Step 1 to make the ZBrush head live. Select your topology head model, click on Quad Draw Tool.

Step 32

Create two more edge loops inside the eyes.

Step 33

Hide the ZBrush head model by pressing Ctrl-H. Select the ZBrush ear model, make live. Select the topology Head Model > Quad Draw Tool.

Step 34

Create an edge loop for ear.

Step 35

Continue to fill up the entire ear.

Step 36

Do the same steps for back ear.

Step 37

When there are unequal amount of edges to connect, you can make a topology like the image below since human ear’s movable range is very small.

Step 38

Exit Quad Draw Tool and turn off Make Live. Hide the ZBrush ear model by pressing Ctrl-H. Select the faces to make ear holes.

Step 39

Extrude the faces and scale smaller, then move the faces inwards.

Step 40

Insert an edge loop and adjust the shape.

Step 41

Insert more edge loops evenly and adjust the shape.

Step 42

Press 3 key to view the polygon in smooth mode. Press 1 to back to unsmooth mode.

Step 43

Select the double eyelid edges, adjust the position to look more obvious.

Step 44

Hold Space bar and drag to front view.

Step 45

Turn off Symmetry, select half of the head model’s faces.

Step 46

Delete the selected faces and go back to the perspective view.

Step 47

Select the lips edges and extrude to make the oral shape.

Step 48

Adjust the shapes as shown in the following image.

Step 49

Add an edge loop near to lips as a bevel. Then adjust the shape until the mouth is close when you press 3.

Step 50

Finish the oral shapes by extruding the edges as shown in the following image.


In the next part of the tutorial, I'll be continuing the re-topology process for rest of the body.

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