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Creating a Magpie Cart in Maya: Part 5

Final product image
What You'll Be Creating

1. Texturing in Substance Painter

Step 1

Continuing on from the last part of the tutorial series, go to Smart Material shelf, drag and drop Wood Walnut material into Layers. Add a black mask, fill the colour for staircases.

Step 2

If the direction of wood grain is not correct, rotate the Wood Fibers layer to 90º and select Wood Fibers 2 masking > select wood_pattern_01 > rotate 90º.

Step 3

Change the Base layer’s color to lighter colour.

Step 4

Repeat this step for the small wood log in the front. Change the color to a yellowish colour.

Step 5

Create a fill layer on the top of the layers. Turn off height, metal and nrm.

Step 6

Change the base colour to dark brown. Increase the roughness to 1.0.

Step 7

Add a black mask, right click on the mask and select Add generator. Click on Generator and select Light.

Step 8

Adjust the angle to cast shadow in the textures. You can press C to view the base colour mapping for easier judgement. That's the mapping in 1001.

Step 9

Move to 1002, press M to back to Material view. What I've put in 1002 are the wheels UVs.

Step 10

Drag and drop Wood Beech Veined material from Smart Materials shelf to Layers.

Step 11

Change the base wood colour to darker brown.

Step 12

Duplicate Base Wood layer, change the colour to lighter brown and add a black mask.

Step 13

Right click on black mask > Add Generator > click on Generator > select Mask Editor.

Step 14

Scroll down to Image inputs, click on the Texture and select Grunge Marble Shapes.

Step 15

Adjust the settings of this generator to achieve the desired result.

Step 16

Click on the black mask, right click and select Add Paint.

Step 17

Using Bark brush, change to black colour by pressing X (invert colour) to erase some of the bright edges.

Step 18

Add a black mask for the folder, press 4 and fill in the wheels’ UVs.

Step 19

Drag a Wood Chest Stylized smart material into layers.

Step 20

Add a black mask and fill in the wheel’s support UVs.

Step 21

Drag a Steel Rust Surface into the layers. Delete the Rust layer.

Step 22

Add a black mask to the folder and fill in the steels’ UVs. Change the Base Metal colour to light purple.

Step 23

Adjust the settings for metal scratches layer > masking > Grunge_scratches_dusty.

Step 24

Add paint into the black mask of Edges layer. Use Bark brush to add some details.

Step 25

Then you've completed the texturing for 1002.

Step 26

Move to 1003. Here are the UVs in the 1003 texture.

Step 27

Copy the Steel Rust Surface from 1002 by pressing Ctrl-C and paste Ctrl-V into 1003.

Add a black mask then fill all the steels’ UVs.

Step 28

Drag and drop Fabric UCP Dirty smart material into layers.

Step 29

Turn off Use Custom Color in Fabric UCP layer.

Step 30

Change the colour to a turquoise colou.

Step 31

Adjust the settings of Dirt layer > masking > MG_Dirt.

Step 32

Adjust the settings of Folds too. Create a black mask for the folder and fill the curtain’s UVs.

Step 33

Duplicate the curtain folder, add a black mask and fill colour for the rolled cloth.

Step 34

Change the colour to darker green.

Step 35

Drag and drop Wood Rough material into layers. Change the colour to orange-brown.

Step 36

Add a black mask and fill colotr for the wood planks.

Step 37

Duplicate the Wood Rough layer and change to darker brown. Add black mask then use Sponge brush to paint some parts to become darker.

Step 38

Repeat steps for the desk in front. Change the dark brown to light yellow for some variation.

Step 39

Next, move to 1004. What I've put in 1004 are roof tiles’ UVs.

Step 40

Drag and drop Mortar Wall material to layers.

Step 41

Change the colour to light maroon colour. Increase the roughness.

Step 42

Duplicate the layer, change the colour to darker red. Add a black mask, using Sponge brush to paint some variation on the roof tiles.

Step 43

Duplicate again the dark red layer, change to purple color and multiply. Add black mask, right click and add generator, select 3D Linear Gradient.

Step 44

Press B to view Position mapping, pick the colour from the top and bottom of the roof for 3D Position Start and End.

Step 45

Duplicate again the Mortar Wall layer, change the colour to orange and add black mask, paint on the roof tiles to create variation.

Step 46

Move to the last texture 1005, repeat the previous steps for the door and ropes. The Ropes’ material was using Fabric Rough Aligned while door was using Wood Walnut smart material.

Step 47

For gemstone, create a Fill layer and change the colour to turquoise.

Step 48

Duplicate the fill layer, add a black mask and generator > select Fiber Glass Edge Wear.

Step 49

Now you've completed the texturing of the magpie cart in Substance Painter and here's the final look.


In the next part of the tutorial series, I'll show you how to export the textures to Maya and finalise the model and render.

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