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Creating a Magpie Cart in Maya: Part 2

Final product image
What You'll Be Creating

1. Modelling in Maya

Step 1

Continuing from the last tutorial, duplicate the wood plank and rotate X and Y axes to 90°, adjust the size to fit into the cart.

Step 2

Duplicate another wood plank in the red region, scale and position it to the front of the roof.

Step 3

Delete the excess faces.

Step 4

Adjust the top edges of every wood geometry to fit the roof guide.

Step 5

Duplicate the front wood plank to the back and adjust the shapes to fit the roof.

Step 6

Create a cube and scale to fit the cart, insert an edge loop at the end of cube.

Step 7

Select the small face and extrude.

Step 8

Repeat the steps for the other side of the cart.

Step 9

Using Target Weld Tool, snap the vertex to the border vertex.

Step 10

Repeat previous step for the other side.

Step 11

Bevel this geometry by using three-edge-bevel method.

Step 12

Create a cylinder as screw, reduce the subdivision axis and bevel the edges.

Step 13

Duplicate the screw and place around the geometry.

Step 14

For doorknob, create a cube and rotate 45° as the base, create a cylinder as the joint, a torus as the knob, then use three-edge-bevel method to bevel all three geometry.

Step 15

Create a cylinder, change subdivision axis to 6, pull the vertex in the middle outwards.

Step 16

Select all edges > Shift-Right click > Bevel Edge. Increase segments to 2 and turn off Chamfer then adjust the Fraction.

Step 17

Create a cube and shape it like the image below.

Step 18

Use five-edge-bevel method to bevel the geometry.

Step 19

Repeat steps for the rest of the wood block.

Step 20

For the hook at the back, separate the parts as you wouldn’t able to build a shape like this with wood in real life.

Step 21

Create a cube as roof tiles. Use three-edge-bevel method to bevel.

Step 22

Duplicate the roof tile and place it in a row. Change a little shapes of the roof tiles to create unevenness.

Step 23

Combine all the roof tiles and duplicate, then move it upwards. You can flip the tiles geometry by change the number of scale Z to -1, so that you don’t need to adjust the shape too much.

Step 24

Create a cube on top of the roof, adjust the shape and add three-edge-bevel.

Step 25

Duplicate the top roof tile and place them across the rooftop. Adjust the shapes to fit the guide.

Step 26

Continue arranging the roof tiles, duplicate the roof tiles and flip to the opposite side.

Step 27

Create a cube as the staircase.

Step 28

Use five-edge-bevel method to bevel. Because this part always been stepped, the edges would be damage, so the bevel’s distance can be bigger.

Step 29

Create another cube on the top of the wheels.

Step 30

Create one more cube on another side of wheel.

Step 31

Delete the bottom and left right faces.

Step 32

Using Multi Cut Tool, draw lines to create cracks.

Step 33

Delete the cracks faces and adjust the shape.

Step 34

Extrude a thickness for it then use five-edge-bevel method to bevel.

Step 35

Repeat steps for the last piece of the geometry.

Step 36

Create a cube and cylinder as the connector for the geometry.

Step 37

Create a cylinder for wheel hub and make the inner edges uneven.

Step 38

Extrude the faces like the image below.

Step 39

Insert edge loops to create bevel, adjust the inner edge loop to make it look round.

Step 40

Create cubes and bevel with five-edge-bevel method, insert one cube per edge of the wheel hub.

Step 41

Create another cube as the wheel and use five-edge-bevel method.

Step 42

Duplicate the cube and adjust shapes for a whole wheel. You can also add cracks on the surface like Step 32-33.

Step 43

Repeat steps for back wheel.

Step 44

Duplicate the whole wheels and stairs, mirror to the opposite side by changing the number of Scale X to -1.


In the next part of the tutorial series, I'll finish the modelling part.

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