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  1. 3D & Motion Graphics
  2. Adobe After Effects

Creating a 3D Sticker Peel With Cinema 4D and After Effects, Part 2

Final product image
What You'll Be Creating

This tutorial demonstrates techniques, using different programs, to create one final animation.  

The project is divided into two parts which illustrate the following:

Tutorial 1: Cinema 4d Techniques

  • import vector art
  • extrude vector paths
  • apply deformers to simulate a sticker peel
  • draw spline elements
  • distort a shape along a path
  • adjust animation curves
  • apply object buffers to objects
  • light a scene with "The Illuminati"
  • create custom luma mattes using selections
  • export an animation with nulls to After Effects

Tutorial 2: After Effects Techniques

  • selectively colorize using luma mattes
  • use Adobe Color to assign colors
  • combine luma mattes to make a new matte
  • remove the fringe associated with C4D luma mattes
  • use nulls generated in C4D to integrate graphics in AE


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