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Creating a 3D Sticker Peel With Cinema 4D and After Effects, Part 1

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Final product imageFinal product imageFinal product image
What You'll Be Creating

This tutorial demonstrates techniques, using different programs, to create one final animation.  

The project is divided into two parts which illustrate the following:

Tutorial 1: Cinema 4d Techniques

  • import vector art
  • extrude vector paths
  • apply deformers to simulate a sticker peel
  • draw spline elements
  • distort a shape along a path
  • adjust animation curves
  • apply object buffers to objects
  • light a scene with "The Illuminati"
  • create custom luma mattes using selections
  • export an animation with nulls to After Effects

Tutorial 2: After Effects Techniques

  • selectively colorize using luma mattes
  • use Adobe Color to assign colors
  • combine luma mattes to make a new matte
  • remove the fringe associated with C4D luma mattes
  • use nulls generated in C4D to integrate graphics in AE


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