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Create Multiple Sculpts From a Single Basemesh in ZBrush: Part 2

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In the second and final part, you'll once again use your previously created basemesh to sculpt four additional fish models, including a Sheephead, Convict Cichlid, Rainbow trout and Pompano. Shaun will also provide some tips on presenting your models, and offer advice for rendering inside ZBrush.

Additional Files:

Creating the Sheephead Fish

Detailing the Sheephead Fish

Creating the Convict Cichlid (Jail Fish)

Detailing the Convict Cichlid (Jail Fish)

Creating the Rainbow Trout

Detailing the Rainbow Trout

Creating the Pompano

Detailing the Pompano

Rendering in ZBrush

Use the link below to download this tutorial for offline viewing.

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