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Create A Stylized Car In Maya: The Complete Workflow - Part 5

This post is part of a series called Stylized Car In Maya: The Complete Workflow.
Create A Stylized Car In Maya: The Complete Workflow - Part 4
Create A Stylized Car In Maya: The Complete Workflow - Part 6

Today we’re bringing you the fifth part in the Stylized Car series from Shaun Keenan. Last week you began building the various pieces and accessories needed to add that extra level of detail. And today you'll be picking up from where you left off, by completing the modeling and final adjustments. Shaun will be showing you how to create detailed seat belts for the interior, before moving underneath to create the car's under carriage. He'll also cover creating the dash board and adding those always important final touches!

In this massive, multi-part tutorial, you’ll follow professional CG artist Shaun Keenan of MZP Studios, as he walks you through the entire process of creating a high-end, production quality stylized car from scratch using Maya.

Through out the series you’ll gain valuable insights into the tools and techniques used by professional artists, while working your way to a fully realized model. In later lessons you’ll learn how to add detail and construct the car’s interior. A topic rarely covered in car modeling tutorials. Whether you’re a beginner creating your first car, or an experienced artist just looking to brush up, this series is a must watch.

Additional Files/ Plugins:

Part 5-1: Creating The Seat Belt Pieces

Part 5-2: Importing & Placing The Seat Belt Pieces

Part 5-3: Finalizing The Seat Belts

Part 5-4: Building The Undercarriage

Part 5-5: Finalizing The Undercarriage

Part 5-6: Modeling The Dashboard

Part 5-7: Adding The Final Touches

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