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Create a Gaming Laptop Ad with 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D & AE - Part 6


In this tutorial we are going to composite the first four scenes of our laptop projects. You are going to see how important it is to render multi-passes from your 3D software as well as how tight the integration between C4D and After Effects is.

Project Overview:

Over the course of this seven part series, you’ll be guided through the entire process of creating a high quality advertising spot for a Razer gaming laptop from the ground up. Starting in 3D Studio Max, the first two parts will show you how to create the high resolution laptop model using a wide assortment of modeling techniques. From there it’s into Cinema 4D for parts three, four and five, where you’ll tackle materials, texturing, lighting and setting up a series of different camera animations for the final advertising spot.

Here are the first 5 Parts of this tutorial series:

This tutorial was inspired by this original Razer Blade advertisement:


Download Tutorial .mp4

File size: 334.3 MB

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