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Create a Faux Energy Drink Ad with 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D & AE

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In this tutorial we are going to create from start to finish an interesting short four shot ad cut for a fake energy drink "Envato Energy". This will give you some guidance on how to create something similar for a real life project.

You will get an idea of what is involved in creating a high impact ad as we work through the entire workflow from Modeling the energy drink can in 3D Studio Max, to Texturing and Rendering it in Cinema 4D. Finally you'll learn how to combine the elements and compositing everything together in After Effects.

Screencast Preview

Interested in learning how to create the energy drink can from scratch? Download the 20 step bonus tutorial covering the techniques used to create the can in 3D Studio Max. Or if you're eager to jump straight into Cinema 4D, download the included project files and get started immediately, no modeling required!

Download The Bonus Tutorial:

Modeling The Energy Drink Can in 3D Studio Max (Written)

Screencast 1

Screencast 2

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