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Create a Dynamic Shattering Text Animation in Maya


The Maya shatter effect can be a useful technique to know, but if used incorrectly, it can also cause many headaches due to slow simulation and interpenetration issues. In this tutorial we will go over some different methods of dealing with the shatter effect to create a faster and more reliable workflow, which can be used in a variety of different scenarios.

Republished Tutorial

Every few weeks, we revisit some of our reader's favorite posts from throughout the history of the site. This tutorial was first published in February of 2010.

Tutorial Details

  • Software: Autodesk Maya 2010 (possible with older versions)
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Techniques Covered: Shatter effect
  • Completion Time: 20 min
  • Software/ Hardware Requirements: Autodesk Maya running specs

  • Final Effect Preview

    Note: click the 'Monitor' icon to view tutorial in full-screen HD.

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