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Create a Ballistic Shield in 3D Studio Max: Part 3

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This post is part of a series called Model, Map and Texture a Ballistic Shield with 3D Studio Max.
Create a Ballistic Shield in 3D Studio Max: Part 2

In the third and final part of the Ballistic Shield tutorial. We'll use the free program xNormal to bake out an ambient occlusion map, before moving into Photoshop to start working on our Diffuse, Bump, Opacity and Specular maps. We'll look at some simple ways to create convincing metal textures using a combination of both images and masking techniques. Once we have the Diffuse map finalized, we'll use it to quickly create the remaining texture maps before heading back to 3D Studio Max to construct the shader and setup the final lighting for our scene.

Texturing 1-1

Texturing 1-2

Texturing 1-3

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