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Create a Ballistic Shield in 3D Studio Max: Part 1

This post is part of a series called Model, Map and Texture a Ballistic Shield with 3D Studio Max.
Create a Ballistic Shield in 3D Studio Max: Part 2

In this tutorial we'll Model, UVMap and Texture a high poly Ballistic Shield in 3d Studio Max 2012. Throughout the project we'll make extensive use of many of Max's built in modeling tools and modifiers to create the shield. Once we have the high-res model constructed, we'll go through a manual optimization process to significantly reduce the poly count before moving onto uvmapping and texturing in Days 2 & 3.

Additional Files/ Plugins:

Modeling 1-1

Modeling 1-2

Modeling 1-3

Modeling 1-4

Modeling 1-5

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