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Correctly Setting Up a Linear Workflow in Maya

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This post is part of a series called Productivity and Building a Better Workflow.
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So you might often find yourself wondering "what the hell is a linear workflow?" It's the kind of thing that gives cg artists nightmares, waking in a cold sweat, afraid, left stumbling to your computer looking for answers...well you're not alone. Working linearly is one of the most misunderstood, confusing aspects of computer graphics for all artists, new or experienced. But fear not friends, James Whiffin is here to help turn that frown upside down by giving you a crash course on working linearly.

In this jammed packed tutorial, James will show you how to setup and work with a correct Linear Workflow in Maya and the benefits of using one. He'll explain gamma correction and the difference between working in Linear space and sRGB Color space, and why problems can arise during rendering and post production if things are setup incorrectly. Click through to unlock the mystery!

Tutorial Video:

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Are you an After Effects user? Well find out how to work linearly in AE in this tutorial.

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