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Convert Your Animations For Stereoscopic Viewing

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In this tutorial, you'll find everything you need to make a Stereoscopic 3D Video, I'll explain how to make a 3D video with real camera footage or with 3D software (3Ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D...)


Step 1

Open 3Ds max or any 3D software.

Step 2

Make a scenario (of your choice)

Step 3

Add a nice lighting:

go to "Lights" select Skylight.

Step 4

Select "Skylight" and go to "Modify"

Step 5

Select "Cast Shadows" in the skylight parameters (That's all for the lighting).

Step 6

Add a "Free Camera" or a "Target Camera".

Step 7

Put the camera in the desired position.

Step 8

Duplicate the camera (the two cameras make you sence the profundity)

Step 9

Adjust the cameras.

Step 10

Name the cameras "Left_Camera" and "Right_Camera" (So, you can't get confused).

Step 11

Link the "Right_Camera" to the "Left_Camera"

Step 12

Animate your "Left_Camera" or your scenario, depends on what you want to animate.

Step 13

Go to "Render Setup"

Step 14

Select "Active Time Segment" or "Range"

(Active Time segment: Render all frames

Range: render to a particular frame)

Step 15

make sure to render with the "Left_Camera"

Step 16

Save the video where you want it.

Step 17

Name the video "Left_Camera"

AVI file

Step 18

Hit "Render"

Step 19

Now, render with the "Right_Camera" and change the name of the video to "Right_Camera"


Step 20

Check your videos ("Left_Camera" and "Right_Camera")

Step 21

After Effects:

Make a new composition and Import the Videos ("Left_Camera" and "Right_Camera")

Step 22

Make a new solid (Doesn't matter the color of the solid)


Step 23

Select the solid and go to Effect > Perspective > 3D Glasses.

Step 24

In the "Left view" select the "Left_Camera" video

and in the "Right view" select "Right_Camera" .

Step 25

Now select "Red Blue LR" and don't forget to play with the settings.

Enjoy your 3D video!

You can apply this "Two Cameras" technique, in the real life with two cameras.

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