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Constructing a Strikingly Accurate Tattoo Gun in Maya - Part 9

This post is part of a series called Constructing a Strikingly Accurate Tattoo Gun in Maya.
Constructing a Strikingly Accurate Tattoo Gun in Maya - Part 8

In the final part of Ran Ben Avraham's massive Tattoo Gun series, you learn how to create Bump and Specular maps using Photoshop, and how to correctly set them up in Maya. Over the course of this in-depth series, you've learned how to precision model hard surface objects using real world scale, create professional UV's, and how a combination of hand painting techniques and images can be used to create convincing textures. Once complete, you'll have gained a good understanding of the workflow used by a professional artist, and be able to apply those techniques to future projects.

Project Overview:
High poly, hard surface modeling in Maya is the subject of this tutorial series folks. And the topic is a personal fascination of mine – a tattoo gun (AKA a tattoo machine). Together we'll build this tattoo gun with all of its different components and parts from scratch.

Basing the model on a reference image, we'll keep it accurate in shape, real world size and correctly name all of its different parts - down to the very last one. We'll also take a close look at several ways of accurately UV unwrapping the Components, and later learn how to build a complex texture via Photoshop. We have a lot of work on our hands, so let's get started!


Use the link below to download this tutorial for offline viewing.

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