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Constructing a Strikingly Accurate Tattoo Gun in Maya - Part 1

This post is part of a series called Constructing a Strikingly Accurate Tattoo Gun in Maya.
Constructing a Strikingly Accurate Tattoo Gun in Maya - Part 2

High poly, hard surface modeling in Maya is the subject of this tutorial series folks. And the topic is a personal fascination of mine – a tattoo gun (AKA a tattoo machine). Together we'll build this tattoo gun with all of its different components and parts from scratch.

Basing the model on a reference image, we'll keep it accurate in shape, real world size and correctly name all of its different parts - down to the very last one. We'll also take a close look at several ways of accurately UV unwrapping the Components, and later learn how to build a complex texture via Photoshop. We have a lot of work on our hands, so let's get started!


Use the link below to download this tutorial for offline viewing.

Download Video

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