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Commercial Production Series: Canon EFS 55-250mm Lens - Part 9

This post is part of a series called Commercial Production Series: Canon EFS 55-250mm Lens.
Commercial Production Series: Canon EFS 55-250mm Lens - Part 8

In the conclusion of the Canon commercial series you'll finish everything off and combine all the different shots together into one final piece. You'll add logos, titles and transitions, so the final video matches the quality of a real commercial.

Over the course of this extremely detailed series, you've gained valuable insight into the production process used by professional artists in the motion graphics industry. And learned every aspect of creating a high quality, product focused advertising spot from the ground up.

From precision modeling in 3ds Max, to animation in Cinema 4D and finally Compositing in After Effects, this series has hopefully provided you with a good understanding of the entire production process and taught you important skills, you can now begin applying to your own projects.

Intro Song "Motivational and Inspiring Corporate Pop" available for purchase from AudioJungle.

Additional Plugins:


Use the Links Below to Download the Render Passes & Project Files for Shots Five & Six:

Shot 5:

Shot 6:

Use the link below to download this tutorial for offline viewing.

Download Video

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