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Breaking Objects With MassFx in 3ds Max

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1. Prepare the Scene

Step 1

Open 3ds Max. Go to Standard Primitives and create a ground plane with box.

create a ground planecreate a ground planecreate a ground plane
create a ground plane

Step 2

Create a pillar with box.

create a pillarcreate a pillarcreate a pillar
create a pillar

Step 3

Create a ball with sphere and put it in front of the pillar.

create a ballcreate a ballcreate a ball
create a ball

Step 4

Turn on Auto Key button.

auto keyauto keyauto key
auto key

Step 5

Go to the tenth frame and drag the ball through the pillar. It will create an animation of the ball passing through the pillar.

create an animationcreate an animationcreate an animation
create an animation

2. Installing Fracture Voronoi Script

Step 1

 Go to and download Fracture Voronoi script.


Step 2

Save the script in the 3ds Max Scripts folder.

installing the scriptinstalling the scriptinstalling the script
installing the script

3. Fracture the Pillar

Step 1

In 3ds Max, go to Max Script > Run Script.

run scriptrun scriptrun script
run script

Step 2

It opens the Choose Editor file window. Select the Fracture Voronoi script and click on Open.

open the scriptopen the scriptopen the script
open the script

Step 3

 It opens the Fracture Voronoi script window. Click on Pick Object button and then select the pillar in the viewport.

fracture voronoi windowfracture voronoi windowfracture voronoi window
fracture voronoi window

Step 4

I have set the Nb parts as 10 since I want the pillar to be broken into ten different chunks.

Nb partsNb partsNb parts
Nb parts

Step 5

I have selected the Uniform color option as I want all the chunks in a same color.  

uniform coloruniform coloruniform color
uniform color

Step 6

Click on Break in 10 button. It breaks the box pillar into 10 pieces.

break in piecesbreak in piecesbreak in pieces
break in pieces

Step 7

You can further break each broken piece into several more chunks. Select a broken piece and then repeat the process from Step 1 to 6.

break more chunksbreak more chunksbreak more chunks
break more chunks

4. Fracture Simulation

Step 1

Go to Customize > Show UI > Show Floating Toolbar.

show floating toolbarsshow floating toolbarsshow floating toolbars
show floating toolbars

Step 2

It opens all floating toolbars. Close all toolbars except the MassFx Toobar.

massfx toolbarmassfx toolbarmassfx toolbar
massfx toolbar

Step 3

Drag and dock the MassFx Toolbar to the left side of the screen.

massfx toolbarmassfx toolbarmassfx toolbar
massfx toolbar

Step 4

Select all pillar chunks and apply MassFx Rigid Body modifier onto them. Select the body type as Dynamic.

dynamic objectdynamic objectdynamic object
dynamic object

Step 5

Select the ground box and apply MassFx Rigid Body modifier onto it. Select the body type as Static.

static objectstatic objectstatic object
static object

Step 6

Select the ball and apply MassFx Rigid Body modifier onto it. Select the body type as Kinematic. Turn on Until Frame option and give it a value as 5. It means that the ball will act as a kinematic object till five frames and after that it will become a dynamic object.

kinematic objectkinematic objectkinematic object
kinematic object

Step 7

Click on MassFx Tools icon. It opens MassFx Tools window. Turn off Use Ground Collisions option.

use ground collisionuse ground collisionuse ground collision
use ground collision

Step 8

Now, click on Start Simulation button. You will see the pillar shattering simulation in the viewport.

final simulationfinal simulationfinal simulation
final simulation


MassFx is a great dynamics tool in 3ds Max. It is quite superior than its predecessor Reactor. Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. I will cover other aspects in forthcoming tutorials.

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