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Animate Different Extrusion Levels of a Logo Based on Its Color Range

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This tutorial is based on my project Advance 3D Extrudes (2D into 3D) from Videohive. I will explain the step by step process to animate a flat logo image into a 3D extruded layer.

Step 1

Make a New Composition.


Step 2

Make a New Solid.


Step 3

Apply Ramp the on Solid (Effects > Generate > Ramp). Choose Radial Ramp & set two colors that you would like to see in the BG.


Step 4

Drop your logo in the composition.


Step 5

Pre-compose the Logo Layer & Select Move all attributes into the new composition.


Step 6

Make a few copies of the logo composition.


Step 7

Go to the logo composition & add Stroke to the logo. Choose the color black. This step is important because this logo doesn'’t have any black color. Right click on the logo, Choose Layer styles > Stroke.


Step 8

Now go back in the Master Composition. Apply Effect > Keying > Color Range to the 1st Layer. Now Select the Color White to key out from this logo.


Step 9

Choose Alpha Inverted Matte on the 2nd logo layer. You should only see the white colors of the logo.


Step 10

Now pre-compose them & name it "White".


Step 11

Repeat Steps 8, 9 & 10 again on the next layers but this time we will select the "Black" color. Apply the Effect > Keying > Color Range on the next logo layer, choose "Black".


Select alpha inverted matte. You should only see the black color.


Step 12

Pre-compose these two layers and name them "Black".


Step 13

Repeat Steps 8, 9 & 10 again on the next layers but this time select both the colors "Black & White" one by one. Select Effect > Keying >Color range on the 1st logo layer under Black & White Layers. Select both the colors in this effect. Select color black and then white.


This will key out both the colors "Black & White" and will leave only the colors that come in-between them.


Step 14

Select alpha matte and then pre-compose the two layers, name it "Colors".


Step 15

Once the logo is broken into different colors, Delete the layer style > stroke which is inside the logo composition.


Step 16

To give more depth to the logo, Add stroke to the layer White. Make a copy of the "White" Layer. Right click on it & then select Layer styles > Stroke. These are the settings for the stroke.>


Pre-compose this layer and name it "Stroke White".


Make sure it stays at the bottom, below all the color matte layers.

Step 17

It'’s time to extrude the layers now and animate them. Use 3D Extruder for this. Go to File > Scripts > 3D Extruder. Select your layer. Choose your setting and press Extrude.


Step 18

Step 17 should be done to each color layer which we made in the previous steps. Select the next layer which is "Colors". Change the extrude depth and press Extrude again.


Step 19

Repeat the previous two steps for the next two layers "Black" and "Stroke White" with different extrude depths. I did not extrude the black layer in this tutorial because there is no black color in the Aetuts+ logo but you can always extrude it too. Select the "White Stroke" layer and change the extrude depth settings and press Extrude.


Step 20

After all the above steps, you should see something like this.


Select the 3DX controller layers for all the 3 layers which you can see in the picture below


Do this for each three layers separately highlighted in the above picture. Change the Z anchor offset from 0 to -100.


Step 21

Add a New Camera to the Composition (Layer > New > Camera).


Select the Camera Tool and rotate it to see if we have the desired result.


As you can see we have some very nice extrudes, but we are not done yet.

Step 22

To animate the extrudes, you have an option in the 3DX controller which says Extrude Depth. This is the point where we animate the extrudes. We start it from 0, make a few keyframes in each one of them. Move ahead in the timeline and increase the Extrude Depth to you desired number then make another keyframe. Now when we play it back, it will look like its being converted from 2D to 3D.


You should follow the above settings to animate the logo.

Step 23

In the video you can see that the extrudes appear to be responding to the music. Truthfully, we don't actually have them connected to the music. You can just add the wiggle expression to the extrudes which will easily give a feeling that it'’s responding to the beats of the music. Start from Step 22 again and Alt-click on the extrude depth stop watch & type "Wiggle (35, 100)".


Do the same for Color's Extrude Depth and Stroke's Extrude Depth but with different values.



If you check the preview, you will see extrudes randomly jumping as if they are reacting to the audio.


You are done! Additionally you can add some camera movements & depth of field to give this comp a little more treatment depending on your desired end result. I hope you have learned something useful from this tutorial. If you have any questions, leave them below in the comments.

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