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An Introduction to Uses of Depth Propagation


This tutorial covers the essentials of using Depth Propagation: tuning the most important options, selective usage of roto masks, and source preparation. We're Using The Foundry's NUKE in this video, but the version for AE has the same functionality.

Depth Propagation Advantages:

  1. Less number of roto masks and for fewer frames
  2. Time and cost efficiency: manual work reduced significantly
  3. Depth map creation for background and foreground
  4. DP supports object depth change in a scene

Depth Propagation simplifies the process of conversion:

  1. Detailed depth maps only for key frames are needed (not for the whole sequence)
  2. Detailed depth map will be propagated for all other frames
  3. One mask per object is needed for foreground processing


Download Tutorial .mov

File size: 83.6 MB

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