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Advanced Poly Modeling - Tassimo T-65 Home Brewing Station: Part 7

This post is part of a series called Advanced Poly Modeling: Tassimo T-65 Home Brewing Station.
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In this section of the tutorial we'll tackle the outer water tank, one of the most challenging parts of the Tassimo machine. Again this will require us to carefully construct the basemesh to ensure correct smoothing when subdivision is added. We'll also look at how modifiers can be stacked to simplify the modeling process, how to change topology to work in our favor and some simple edge termination techniques.

Project Overview:
In this tutorial series focused on product modeling and rendering, we'll create the Tassimo T-65 Home Brewing Station from Bosch. Starting in 3d Studio Max we'll use a few simple blueprint images to do a block-out of the base, and then begin the process of breaking down and refining the model using more advanced poly modeling techniques to create the final High-res asset. Later lessons will include UVMapping, Texturing, creating V-Ray materials and finally building a suitable studio lighting rig and rendering out the model with V-Ray.

Additional Files/ Plugins:

Intro Song "Street Law" available for purchase from AugleJungle.

Video 1

Note: All videos available in 1080p.

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

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