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12 Amazing Apple Motion Title Templates

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Read Time: 6 mins

If you're a vlogger or a regular producer of video content, chances are you’re going to need a good supply of title templates.

Title templates are useful for intros and outros, but are also handy for adding all kinds of text to video projects. Of course, it's possible to create your own titles, but there's no need to reinvent the wheel when there are so many great pre-made selections available to choose from. 

Here are 12 awesome Apple Motion title packages from VideoHive specifically designed for use with Final Cut Pro X. Each package comes with instructions on how to use Apple Motion title templates.

1. 99 Final Cut X Titles Pack

99 Final Cut X Titles Pack99 Final Cut X Titles Pack99 Final Cut X Titles Pack

Impress clients or an audience with this Apple Motion titles template pack containing 99 fantastic titles created specifically for the Final Cut X user. 

The templates in the 99 Final Cut X Titles Pack range in style from casual to formal and can be used with a wide variety of video projects like corporate company presentations, training and tutorial videos, product reviews and demos and social media videos.

User lancegreen says:

“Best professional Title package that I've seen.”

2. Gold Simple Titles for Final Cut Pro X

Gold Simple Titles for Final Cut Pro XGold Simple Titles for Final Cut Pro XGold Simple Titles for Final Cut Pro X

If you’re looking for simple animated titles and lower thirds for your next video, check out the Gold Simple Titles for Final Cut Pro X

This package contains tons of beautifully animated text that are easy to customise and added to a video project. Some of the features you can control are drop shadow, position of text on screen, colour, duration and more. 

The project comes with video tutorials included for step-by-step customisation.

User matthewlock says:

“Not only is this the most brilliantly put together package of titles, but I had an issue and the author replied within 2 hours with a custom video showing me exactly how to do what I asked. Simply amazing.”

3. FCP Titles 450

FCP Titles 450FCP Titles 450FCP Titles 450

FCP Titles 450 is an incredible collection of titles, lower thirds and icons to suit a number of video purposes. 

The titles are bundled together according to their category: special typography, minimal, corporate, quote, rectangle, niche, long and logo titles, as well as over 60 lower thirds and 25 icons that can be customised to suit different styles. 

The titles are easy to edit and there’s a tutorial provided in case you get stuck. 

User VisibleB says:

“Excellent, versatile plugin which is regularly updated. Moreover, customer support is second to none. We will buy more from this trusted seller.”

4. Modern Titles Pack for FCPX

Modern Titles Pack for FCPXModern Titles Pack for FCPXModern Titles Pack for FCPX

Create your own stylishly modern titles with the Modern Titles Pack for FCPX

The package contains 35 animated text layouts for use in Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. The titles are 4K and 1080P compatible. The pack allows you to create your own modern titles quickly and easily and a user guide is included. 

User Visual Appeal says:

“These are absolutely beautiful. Varied, elegant, and easy to work with. Two thumbs up!”

5. The YouTuber Pack 3.0

The YouTuber Pack 30The YouTuber Pack 30The YouTuber Pack 30

If you’re a YouTube Vlogger, this terrific pack of 100 templates is perfect for you. With 20 titles, 20 logo reveals, 25 lower thirds, 15 transitions and more, this pack is guaranteed to increase the quality of your video production and wow your viewers. 

The templates are easy to edit in both Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 and comprehensive video tutorials are included. 

User mspv says:

“Excellent product! Author is very professional and provides amazing support. I look forward to seeing more from author. Keep up the good work!”

6. TypoKing


TypoKing is a terrific pack of 200 elegant titles with a modern design, clean look and great animations in and out motions. 

You can change features like the colour of the titles or change the existing font to a font of your preference.

User MamuAboy says:

“Very useful, easy to use and valuable.”

7. FCPX Animated Typography Titles

FCPX Animated Typography TitlesFCPX Animated Typography TitlesFCPX Animated Typography Titles

Liven up your documentaries, vlogs and video presentations with FCPX Animated Typography Titles, a set of 30 animated text layouts created for use within Final Cut Pro X or Motion 5

The pack helps you professional video titles with incredible ease. It features both in and out animations and is 4K and 1080P compatible. A user guide is included. 

8. Wedding Titles - FCPX

Wedding Titles - FCPXWedding Titles - FCPXWedding Titles - FCPX

Wedding Titles - FCPX  is a collection of beautiful and romantic titles in both modern and vintage styles that have been made specifically for use in wedding videos, but also works well in anniversary, birthday or family videos. 

There are a total of 16 titles in this package that are easily dragged and dropped into any Final Cut Pro X project. Use the custom controls within Final Cut Pro to change font, scale, position, colour, adjust opacity and add a drop-shadow. 

There’s a video tutorial included with the package. 

User JackBackhus says:

“Great wedding titles. Very elegant and well done.”

9. FCP Titles

FCP TitlesFCP TitlesFCP Titles

 FCP Titles offer 50 cool and edgy animation titles that are great for a number of videos including travel, lifestyle, fashion and more. 

The titles are fully customisable in Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion. Change colours, extend or shorten their duration on screen, adjust the lines and backplates to fit the title, and more. Video tutorials are provided to guide you through the basics.

User Targetter says:

“Great titles for FCP and outstanding customer support.”

10. Minimal Modern Glitch Titles

Minimal Modern Glitch TitlesMinimal Modern Glitch TitlesMinimal Modern Glitch Titles

If you're looking for cool title effects for a film or YouTube channel, check out Minimal Modern Glitch Titles

These 20 easy to use title animations help create dynamic and attention getting video intros that are easy to customise using Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion. Detailed help PDF help is included. 

11. Motion Titles 4k

Motion Titles 4k offers 26 different titles and ending credits that have been created specifically for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5

Customise the titles to match the look of the video by editing the colour, size, rotation, opacity and position of your titles through the built in options in the title panel of Final Cut Pro X.

User Wendy2day says:

“Love the look and feel, love the options, the quality and customer support. I will be buying more.”

12. FCPX Titles 4k

FCPX Titles 4kFCPX Titles 4kFCPX Titles 4k

FCPX Titles 4k is a collection of 25 terrific title templates that are ready to use in Final Cut Pro projects. 

The titles are well organised and fully customisable and are well suited to corporate as well as beauty, fashion, travel or lifestyle videos. A tutorial is included.

User balsephoto says: 

"Easy to use. Nice Job!”

Choose Your Favourite Apple Motion Titles Template Today

These 12 amazing title packages are just a small selection of the hundreds of awesome title templates available at VideoHive, so if none of them quite fit your needs there are plenty of other great options to choose from.

And if you want to improve your skills building motion graphics yourself, then check out some of the ever-so-useful 3D and motion graphics tutorials on offer.

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