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Tight Typography Tips #10 - "Livin' In Style"

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This post is part of a series called Ten Tight Tips To Turning Out Terrific Typography.
Tight Typography Tips #9 - "Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do"

I’m not that great of a graphic designer, but I have some friends who are... sometimes this can be intimidating cause it’s hard to know what looks good and more importantly what looks really bad. After all your characters are in place, it’s not always easy to decide if your words “needs a little something”.

It’s a good idea to just start simple. However, I often used to use this as a crutch for my text indecision saying, “I decided to approach the titles with a more simplistic approach, cause everybody knows that simple is classy”. Well this can only get you so far until somebody wants a little more from ya... but, cool thing is that by default in After Effects you’ve got a lots of styling options.... beveled edge, drop shadow, inner shadow, glow, stroke...there’s a bunch... Just remember to apply them gently and in moderation, you don’t wanna end up with more icing then cake.


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