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Introducing the New Tuts+

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Today marks a big milestone in the Tuts+ history books. After our launch in 2007, the Tuts+ network expanded rapidly into 16 individual sites including the subscription-based Tuts+ Premium. Today we’ve finally brought it all back to one platform and brand, after a year-long consolidation process.

All Tuts Brands Become OneAll Tuts Brands Become OneAll Tuts Brands Become One

The final step has been the merge of Tuts+ Premium into our new Tuts+ platform, making our 16,000 tutorials and articles, 300+ courses, and 100+ ebooks available in one place, viewed by over 5 million people every month.

What’s Changed?

  • The improved site design is fully responsive, mobile and tablet friendly, and includes a new video player for better streaming.
  • Individual course purchases will replace monthly subscriptions for new users. Yearly subscriptions remain available, starting from less than 50c a day.
  • We’ve introduced a new Pro Subscription option, with more eBook downloads, credit on Envato Marketplaces, and special offers from top brands including Shopify, Media Temple, Harvest, New Relic, FreshBooks, Squarespace and Macaw.
  • Some features of Tuts+ Premium are not available on the new platform, such as forums and bookmarks. We will introduce better community and learning tools soon to replace these.
  • For existing Tuts+ Premium subscribers, your login details, current subscription level and course access remain the same unless you choose to upgrade, switch or cancel.

What Does This All Mean for You?

You will see improved site design, better video streaming, and the convenience of having all of our tutorials, courses and eBooks under one roof. Our aim has been to make it as easy a transition as possible for you, with no changes to your subscription or access details. We’ve also migrated your existing bookmarks across into My Courses.  

Technical Trivia

The past year has been packed full of development, strategy and execution at Tuts+ HQ, most of which has happened behind the scenes and led to some pretty big milestones for the team. Here’s just a few of the stats from our journey:

  • 5 million active monthly users migrated to the new Tuts+ platform
  • 7,500 videos with over 800 hours of content collated and re-organised
  • 1,000+ tutorials from Tuts+ Premium made available free on Tuts+
  • 25,000 URLs redirected to the new platform
  • Gave up a Page Rank 7 domain (net.tutsplus.com)
  • 30 subdomains migrated
  • Moved from WordPress to Ruby on Rails
  • Changed providers from Linode to AWS

Where To Next?

What you see today is just the first step of many to come. The new site gives you an improved service, and gives us a great foundation to build on for the future. We’ll be introducing new features and enhancements regularly to give you an even better learning experience on Tuts+.

For instance, coming soon you’ll see improved downloads for offline video use, better search functionality, new progress tracking to help manage your learning, and improved community tools to help you interact with other self-directed learners.

Take a look around, find out more about the changes, or contact our support team with any feedback.

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